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The impact of technology on the accounting and bookkeeping profession

In past blog posts, we have often talked about the impact of cloud technologies on businesses, especially small and medium ones. The anytime-anywhere access to information and data, the enabling of the paperless office, the real-time response rates and collaboration possibilities are (to put it simply) almost endless! In this blog post by Nicholas Pasquarosa, he details how accounting firms might change if they themselves move their operations and processes to the cloud. Not only does it support flexibility and speed of operations, but enables a direct link with their customers, especially if they are also “in the cloud”.


Old-school data security – the floppy disk is alive and kicking

Accountants have an inherent interest in corporate data, and as such, its security and privacy. In our book, we write about the newest technologies, including cloud computing, where we claim that the cloud can provide a measure of security to companies that the companies themselves would be unable to garner. However, not always is the newest technology the only way to go – in this article on BBC Tech, the author explains how the good old floppy disk, in spite of swan songs having been sung for decades by now, is still alive and kicking. Why is that? Why do organisations like the Pentagon or manufacturing companies keep using this seemingly outdated format? In short, the floppy disk has proven age-resistant, nigh impossible to hack (unless it is lost and found by unauthorised third parties), and usually found in systems that are very cumbersome and costly to update.

So it is one thing to appreciate the newest of technologies, but one should never forget or discard the old ones! As accountants, we should not forget that – for some businesses, it might be better to stick with the old.

Merging PaaS and SaaS to provide a new cloud accounting offer – SAGE and Salesforce

Here is a good example of two companies that use SaaS and PaaS in a strategic partnership to provide a new cloud accounting offer to businesses. SAGE is a provider of accounting software, already offering cloud-based products in their portfolio. In this particular case, however, they decided to enter a partnership with Salesforce that provides a strong PaaS, using the unique capabilities of the Salesforce platform to improve their product.

The Guardian – Should you put your small business accounts in the cloud?

This is an article published in the Guardian in January 2014, where I was interviewed to give my view on the cloud.


Credit: The Guardian