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Outgrowing your accounting software?

As a business grows, so too does its accounting needs. And this includes software. The are many choices to be made of a software  

 change is required. My own experience is the key thing to do is first understand where things are not going well. This post from it-director.com offers some useful advice.


    What an operating system probably should not be

      In chapter two of our book we describe some basic concepts like operating system – which is the software running a computer.

    There are many such operating systems and some like Linux are open source, meaning the underlying code can be changed as required. Apparently, North Korea has taken an open source operating system to another level, modifying it to track file usage. You can read an article here about it, but I guess what it reminds us is that operating systems are about controlling after all.

    Happy 2016: What’s new for the savvy accountant

      Happy new year, dear readers of our accounting information systems blog. It is a good time to reflect on one’s professional future, and what might be future trends for the tech-savvy accountant. In this blog post by Jason Bramwell from 2014, we can find many predictions that still hold true in 2016 – the modern accountant needs to be deeply involved with the systems that enable their daily work!