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The internet of things and the cloud

As the “internet of things” (e.g. the microwave, the fridge and one’s favourite sweater going online) is being promoted as the next big hype, here is an interesting blog by David Linthicum on InfoWorld how the public cloud could boost the advance of the “things” that could become accessible online.


Microsoft Office 365 – Office 2013 discovers the cloud!

The latest version of Microsoft Office, Office 2013, has an entirely cloud-based life called Office 365, indicating that a subscription to it (and not a one-off payment for the software suite) is valid for one full year.

The good news for all students and university teachers is: Microsoft offers a subscription model for university use, aptly named Office 365 University, with a four-years-for-the-price-of-one subscription, one terabyte of online storage, and the benefit to be able to access and work on your Word document or Excel spreadsheet on a tablet on the go (as I do). I found it incredibly useful to have a software that I used for the last two decades in the cloud now.

More information on Office 365’s features can be found in this Business Insider blog by Julie Bort.